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Lunch And A Show Places (Things In) An Order

Child actors, SNL-ers, and musical guests.

Here at Previously.TV, we like to figure out what's the best and the worst in our television -- and we like to share those opinions with you. Alex ranked the new crop of America's Next Top Model aspirants; Danny ranked the MasterChef-testants; and in the archives, you'll find (F)rankings of HBO's Sinatra doc, Jersey Housewives, old-timey ailments, and clones.

Our own Joe Reid and his Wire colleagues ranked TV's worst child actors last year.

Rolling Stone listed the coolest musician cameos on TV.

Yet another list of the worst TV shows of all time, which somehow fails to include Black Box.

Phil Nugent ranked every single SNL cast member as of February of this year.

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Speaking of not ready for primetime (or late-night), Chevy Chase's talk show usually shows up on lists of TV's biggest train wrecks; here's an ultra-awk clip from the premiere: