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Lunch And A Show: Pickles And Ice Cream

Bundles of joy and tropes to make you boot(ie).

E! Online confirmed that SVU's Kelli Giddish is expecting her first child with new husband Lawrence Faulborn -- joining her co-star Ice-T in the show's ranks of expectant parents. (Not to get ahead of things here, but doesn't it seem like Ice-T would be the raddest grandpa ever?) What better time to bask in a master list of TV's poorly-disguised pregnancies? (At least we can use the word "pregnant" on TV now.)

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ABC put together a Gloria's-pregnancy supercut "journey" for Modern Family.

Global weather woman Kristi Gordon took to the airwaves when she got pregnant a second time, telling haters to step off her wardrobe this time around. Someone actually wrote a letter, a real one with a stamp on it, about that shit? Amazing. Although Alyssa Milano wore some terrifying attire during her last go-round as the Project Runway All-Stars host.


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