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Lunch And A Show: Order The Wrap

Season finales ahoy!

Summer shows start to wrap it up in August, and we've got your season-finale coverage of Poldark and Halt & Catch Fire covered. Use that extra time in your TV schedule to prep for Colbert's Late Show. And speaking of stupid pet tricks, the In Search Of Marathon Diary marvels at the naivete of researchers who think cats can be controlled by any means, much less telepathically. Then again, this correspondent may have spent 20 minutes this morning trying to slow the roll of a feline who had gotten her head stuck in a shopping-bag handle and couldn't stop scaring herself by galloping around with it flapping loudly behind her like a parachute.

I don't watch Game Of Thrones, but I still kind of love this supercut of fan reactions to the season finale:

The dogs being all "it's okay, Mama" while the husband is like, "Whaaaatev"? Dying.

And before The Daily Show says goodbye to Jon Stewart on Thursday, let's remember all the times he freaked out about pizza.

But who owns the TV-pizza beat?

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