Lunch And A Show Of Force

Girl power works for (almost) everyone around the dial from Supergirl to Jessica Jones, and Cindy Walsh just can't believe it!

It's all about the superpowered ladies today in Lunch And A Show, whether literal or figurative: Jeff walks us through Supergirl working out her anger issues; Adam describes the awesome Tovah Feldshuh's visit to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend; Jessica advised a neighbor lady not to stick her hand in the extra-abilities crazy on Jessica Jones; Monty noted how "Cat" helped out on the Gotham midseason finale; and Stephanie ranked the girl-singer power on The Voice.

Of course, the theme isn't working out for everyone, as literally nobody in the latest episode of Beverly Hills, 90210 we covered in Again With This has any kind of lie detection enabled, and apparently wearing a full-coverage pair of knit shorts is Donna Martin's red(-harlequin-patterned) kryptonite.

And America Ferrera's considerable powers couldn't bail out the crapola writing of her character on Superstore. But speaking of sitcom tropes AND superpowers, this "TV teens have to take care of eggs as baby proxies" supercut is pretty fun, and features Buffy, among other shows.

Dr. Phil was Nicholas Brendon's kryptonite when last they dramatically met, but he's coming back on the show today -- and we'll be live-tweeting it from the PreviouslyTVNow account, so give us a follow and discuss!

Or pass the time with the Powerpuff Girls Pillowfight game!


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