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Lunch And A Show: Kiss Us, Cait

Also: K-k-k-k-katie, covered in Scotch tape-eeeee!

Please welcome Chanel Dubofsky to the PTV team as she asks a few not-quite-burning questions about the series premiere of I Am Cait, while I hopped in a non-crackpotty time machine to cast La Jenner as Fran Semyon on True Detective. Too bad the ladies of 90210 didn't keep their fashion as tight as Cait's, but: nineties, mistakes were made, etc.

Last year, Alex Zeidel ranked OINTB's biggest bad-asses (and where Kate Mulgrew didn't rank might surprise you?).

Katie Holmes got goofy with Scotch tape on Fallon last week:

Underwear! Speaking of that, it's a great time to get caught up on Kaitlyn Bristowe's adventures in Bachelorette-ville with Stephanie Green's Watch/Skip advisories (don't forget Tara's Crazyface coverage!).

And with Project Runway returning soon, let's all vow not to say Kate Pankoke's name three times, lest it summon her for a seventeenth season, because: noooope.