Lunch And A Show Is Just Asking For Trouble

Death by a thousand cuts (walker cuts, hair cuts).

Something of a troublesome night in primetime last night! Rick's in pretty serious trouble on The Walking Dead when his RV won't start and he gets bit up; Kevin gets in even deeper trouble, somehow, on The Leftovers; Saul might have a troubled heart when he finds out what Allison's up to on Homeland; and everyone has trouble making good decisions on The Knick.

Here's Dylan McKay riding off into the sunset (with Trouble the cat strapped to the back of his moped).

I thought the eye-searing couldn't get any worse than in our Beverly Hills, 90210 visual aids for "Chuckie's Back," but those ginormo pleated monstrosities on Brandon really put the "cack" back in "khakis," don't they. AND SPEAKING of that!

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