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Lunch And A Show: Chung Chung!

Briscoe snacks, STABLER SMASH, the fakest websites: these are their stories.

WEtv is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Law & Order: Mothership with, among other things, a rock block of L&O every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday in August. Head to the WEtv site's section on the show to take celebrity-guest-star quizzes and find out which character you are. (I'm Briscoe? I've got ties older than him! ...Wait.)

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If you've never seen the Law & Order & Food Tumblr, do yourself a flavor right now.

Slacktory's supercut of the Law & Order-verse's fakest websites is brill. "FaceSpace" 4EVA.

Nerve's mashup of OINTB cast members' guest shots is great too.

One of the best things about the WHAS reboot is its total comfort with the obviousness of the casts' wigs. Dig this beaut on Meloni:

Screen: Netflix

Screen: Netflix

Or head on over to Erin Page's YouTube to watch a mashup of "Unstabler" dick moments.


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