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Lunch And A Show Breaks Out

TCAs and other law-and-orderly fare.

Liane Bonin Starr's TCA roundups are back, woo-hoo! Netflix kicked things off with, among other (less-crimey) shows, Orange Is The New Black and Narcos. Follow the blue corner triangle for fun!

Did you know the "history" of the COPS theme song?

It's not the highest-def viewing experience in the world -- think video camera pointed at TV -- but here's the Fatal Vision miniseries. Hard to believe Gary Cole played this guy, Lumberg, Mike Brady, AND Diane Lockhart's foxy pro-gun mister.

You know who has two thumbs and misses Campus PD? This guy. And...only this guy, but I have found that Spike's Jail has a very similar "you, sir, are a maroon" tartness of tone.

JK Simmons talked to Terry Gross back in '98 about playing neo-Nazi Vern Schillinger on Oz, and back in January, EW Communiteer Erin Resnick talked about why we should binge-watch the show. Not a hundred on Erin's argument work, there -- Scott Winters's Cyril O'Reily is cited in the "excellent acting" section. Okay? -- but she closes with a GIF of Schillinger doing the Saturday Night Fever point-and-bump dance move. Point Erin.

And HOLD up WAIT a minute FOX is planning a Prison Break limited edish?! Blue Steel and Blockhead reunite? Didn't Michael die, though? ...What am I saying, the show fully chopped off Tancredi's head as a fuck-you to Sarah Wayne Callies and then the character ended up returning. Fuck it, I'm in.


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