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Lunch And A (Horror) Show

It's all treats on Mischief Day with haunted house, terrifying fashion, and a scary-movies poll!

The judges put the fear of God into the designers on last night's Project Runway, but was it as scary as the serial-killer fortnightly-club meeting on American Horror Story: Hotel? Or Headless Howe on the Sleepy Hollow/Bones crossover?

Well, good news: Ash Vs. Evil Dead is as much giggle as scream, but Eve really liked it.

Planning to watch the movies to prep? Check EW's list of all the horror movies airing on TV this week to see if it's there.

Send a chill up your spine with You're The Worst's haunted house!

Laugh (sympathetically!) at Ellen's producer as he endures yet another scare-fest with Eric Stonestreet!

Here's Key & Peele's Hall Of Mirrors sketch!

Pick a horror film or franchise that would make a great TV series! (Even though Paranormal Activity has so many sequels it practically has a season in the can already!)

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