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Lunch And A (Fashion) Show

Copying Kaling, fixing Runway, and more.

Our own Kim Reed Rankled the Astronaut Wives. Those dresses, I can't even.

Speaking of can't-evening, Fashions By Zbornak recently celebrated its second birthday on Previously.TV. Got an episode I absolutely have to cover? Ping me: sarah at previously dot tv.



Kelly Osbourne's got a new gig post-Fashion Police: she's a judge on Project Runway Junior, joining Christian Siriano and fashion editor Aya Kanai. PR Jr. bored me, I must admit, but I'd give it another chance if she's on board; she's a fun guest judge elsewhere and really bright.

Famous original Runway's back soon, and if Tom & Lorenzo have given up on it, maybe I should too. I won't? But I should. That said, Tim Gunn and his save have started to make me sad, and Heidi has evolved from gorgeous but barely competent host to self-important bitch.

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Playing House is back soon too, eeeeee! It's almost the weekend, so grab an InStyle and get in the spirit with the show's fashion-magazine drinking game, or meet Judd Apatow's go-to stylist, who's now Amy Schumer's fashion sensei.

And it's a great time to get caught up on -- by which I mean "lard up your Amazon wishlist with, even though you're a foot taller than Kaling and have totes the wrong coloring for 85% of her blouses" -- all of Mindy Kaling's adorbles looks at The Mindy Project Style.


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