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Lunch And A (Fashion) Show

Copying Kaling, fixing Runway, and more.

Our own Kim Reed Rankled the Astronaut Wives. Those dresses, I can't even.

Speaking of can't-evening, Fashions By Zbornak recently celebrated its second birthday on Previously.TV. Got an episode I absolutely have to cover? Ping me: sarah at previously dot tv.



Kelly Osbourne's got a new gig post-Fashion Police: she's a judge on Project Runway Junior, joining Christian Siriano and fashion editor Aya Kanai. PR Jr. bored me, I must admit, but I'd give it another chance if she's on board; she's a fun guest judge elsewhere and really bright.

Famous original Runway's back soon, and if Tom & Lorenzo have given up on it, maybe I should too. I won't? But I should. That said, Tim Gunn and his save have started to make me sad, and Heidi has evolved from gorgeous but barely competent host to self-important bitch.


If you could make one change to RUNWAY, what would it be?

Playing House is back soon too, eeeeee! It's almost the weekend, so grab an InStyle and get in the spirit with the show's fashion-magazine drinking game, or meet Judd Apatow's go-to stylist, who's now Amy Schumer's fashion sensei.

And it's a great time to get caught up on -- by which I mean "lard up your Amazon wishlist with, even though you're a foot taller than Kaling and have totes the wrong coloring for 85% of her blouses" -- all of Mindy Kaling's adorbles looks at The Mindy Project Style.


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