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Lucille Bluth's Wink vs. Crack Master

It's when sly actually reads as disturbing vs. an off-the-wall cartoon!

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Crack Master

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Lucille Bluth's Wink

The case for Crack Master

"Cracks" is shrouded in mystery, originally aired on "Sesame Street" and then "missing" for years. One rumor is it was pulled or even banned, but even that is unconfirmed. Was it too scary? Too suggestive? What is confirmed: this is kind of lovely, kind of spooky, and ripe for rediscovery. — Dave S.

The case for Lucille Bluth's Wink

We already know that Lucille has obviously never seen a live chicken before, but this moment makes us wonder if her real-life experiences exclude seeing a human being wink, ever. Definitely not while sober, that's for sure. — Winkelwyn

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