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Last Comic Standing Says Goodbye; The League And You're The Worst Say Hello

Comedies are taking a bow in Lunch And A Show!

Last night was a big one in the world of comedy. In fact, the 10 PM hour was chockablock with it. Here, we started out with Sarah's look at The League, and everything its final-season premiere ruined for her.

Screen: FXX

Screen: FXX

You had a good run, garlic bread.

Immediately afterward, You're The Worst returned with a telephone etiquette lesson from Sam to Gretchen.

Gif: Previously.TV

Gif: Previously.TV

And on the occasion of the Season 2 premiere, I talked to the show's creator Stephen Falk about his experience running the show. I cannot tell you how scandalized I was to learn about the lack of punctuality other shows apparently think is JUST FINE.

Over on NBC, Last Comic Standing wrapped its latest season with about as little fanfare as possible, as Monty Ashley details in his report. Which of the five remaining comics got the basically meaningless deal? Find out -- and watch the clips to see if you agree with the very abrupt pick!

Rounding out our comedy news of the day: Stephen Colbert's ratings did not exceed Jimmy Fallon's on Colbert's second night hosting The Late Show. I watched both episodes (thanks, technology), and I can confidently declare that Colbert is definitely losing the viral video wars.

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