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Knowing Is Half The Battle vs. HOF: 'Not Great, Bob!'

It's lessons from toys vs. the moment Bob Benson's brown-nosing backfires!

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Knowing Is Half The Battle

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HOF: 'Not Great, Bob!'

The case for Knowing Is Half The Battle

If you were a child of the 80's, you probably learned many an important lesson from the last 23 seconds of every episode of G.I. Joe. The child inhabitants of the Joeverse were perpetually on the brink of death, being kidnapped, or making bad life choices. Luckily for them, there was always a Joe located nearby anytime they were about to do anything dangerous or morally suspect. Case in point: Deep Six just happens to be submerged in a lake where these youths are swimming during a lightning storm. — generate789

The case for HOF: 'Not Great, Bob!'

Pete Campbell's having a rough year. His wife kicked him out of the house after his whoring and philandering got out of control. No one at the new, merged Sterling Cooper & Partners respects his work or likes him as a person. Oh, and his mother just fell overboard off a cruise ship. Probably thanks to Bob Benson's friend Manolo. Whom she married just beforehand. So yeah, that about covers it, Pete. — @AlecSphere


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