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Kitten Mittens vs. The Hot Tamale Train

It's an elegant, comfortable mitten for cats vs. Mary Murphy's ear-splitting shriek of approval!

279 votes

Kitten Mittens

154 votes

The Hot Tamale Train

The case for Kitten Mittens

Does your cat make too much noise? "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" has the stylish, one-size-fits-all solution you need. — Niall

The case for The Hot Tamale Train

It's important to note, in case you're on the fence about voting, that Mary Murphy's first real zeitgeist-y Hot Tamale Train moment — after Sabra and Dominic's rumba in season 3 — was during the the same critique as Debbie Allen's superior (though less culturally sticky) "call the fire department, honey" sound-bite. Call your audiologist next, though. — Joe Reid

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