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Kent Courts Sue vs. Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

It's the smartest decision anyone on Veep ever made vs. truly working your Halloween costume!

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Kent Courts Sue

215 votes

Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

The case for Kent Courts Sue

Let's face it: Sue is the best. Kent gets major points for realizing this. Too bad he loses points with every single other move he makes. — GrizzlyClaire

The case for Bill Haverchuck As Bionic Woman

Being the Bionic Woman for Halloween may be the best decision Freaks and Geeks' Bill Haverchuck has ever made. From his fantastic pantsuit to his lipstick blotting to lines like, "I'm sorry, Steve Austin, I can't marry you, I'm mad at you right now," Bill really sells it. — Mrs. Coach

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