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Katherine Heigl's New Spy Show: Some Educated Guesses

She’s fighting terrorists -- and misogyny!

What we know for sure: Katherine Heigl is attached to a currently untitled CIA-themed TV drama created by Alexi Hawley (Body Of Proof); it centers on a strong female character who serves as the CIA’s liaison to the President, and will show how the U.S. handles global hot spots. Beyond that, all that remains is pure speculation. And here it is.


Kate Knight (Katherine Heigl) battered down the boys’ club of the CIA, working her way out of the field to become the president’s advisor. But when her emotionally distant mother (Jean Smart) is elected president, Kate will have a whole new set of challenges to face, from threats of terrorism to awkward Thanksgivings. Together with her sister and best friend Bethany (Nina Arianda), Kate is saving the world one day at a time -- without sacrificing either her intelligence or her femininity.

Pilot: Kibitzes & Kvetches

It’s been three months since the death of the president from a heart attack, and CIA agent Kate Knight still isn’t used to her new boss: her own mother! Though the two have had a historically stormy relationship, both women are trying hard to remain professional, despite the fact that Nancy still doesn't have any grandchildren and Kate isn't getting any younger. When a conflict flares up in Israel, Kate doesn’t manage to fix the problems...but on Air Force One, Nancy grudgingly tells Kate that she’s good at her job, then immediately tells her to fix her hair.

Episode 2: Hold The Fruit, Please

When a State Department official (Michael Rady) is overheard by a member of the press making a homophobic joke about her pregnant lesbian sister, the story quickly blows up. Nancy begs Kate to stay calm, but in her capacity as one of the First Daughters, Kate takes to the press herself -- and becomes the unwitting new face of gay pride! Let's hope no one looks too hard into how she's spending her days....

Episode 3: Grace. Anatomy.

Things are falling apart around Kate. Her boss isn’t speaking to her and giving her only subpar material; her mother almost incites an international incident by mixing up Kurdistan and Kyrgyzstan; and Bethany is giving birth to baby Grace! While her sister begs Kate to come to the hospital to keep her company with a sisterly game of Scrabble, Kate refuses absolutely, vaguely citing previous bad experiences in hospitals, including a fiancé who died. How selfish and self-involved can Bethany be?!


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