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Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett's Endless Medley vs. One Way

It's 14 minutes in heaven vs. a classic street sign conundrum!

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Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett's Endless Medley

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One Way

The case for Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett's Endless Medley

Carol Burnett is a TV variety superstar, and her occasional specials with Julie Andrews should be more than a footnote to her regular series. Witness: a staggering 14ish minute song medley, complete with weird, rapid transitions and even weirder collars on their shirts. But really the core of this is just the two of them, with minimal staging and choreography, just being wildly charismatic. I have no idea what combination of memorization and cue cards made this possible, but bless them for it. This is from 1971's "Julie and Carol at Lincoln Center", and you're welcome. — Dave S.

The case for One Way

This classic Sesame Street clip has it all: Motorcycles! Greasers with guardian angels! Lessons about street signs, map reading, and logic! A catchy tune! Plus, can you imagine any kids' show today starting a song with "I'm so lonely I wish I was dead"? — Thog

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