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Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen vs. Midnight Society Dust

It's the night the lights went out in Georgia vs. flammable glitter!

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Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

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Midnight Society Dust

The case for Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

Plenty of TV siblings had closer relationships than Designing Women Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker. But just because you like to tear down your sister occasionally doesn't mean anyone else gets to do it, so when some uppity pageant queen denigrates Suzanne, Julia unleashes the beast. We're still hearing the echoes of rage today. — Andrew L

The case for Midnight Society Dust

The kids on Are You Afraid of the Dark always started their stories the same way: by throwing a big handful of glitter and sand into a bonfire, which promptly burst into flames. Was it magic? Straight up gunpowder? How did no one ever get burned in a backdraft? — Dave S.

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