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Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen vs. Gail the Goldfish

It's the night the lights went out in Georgia vs. a swimming misunderstanding!

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Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

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Gail the Goldfish

The case for Julia Sugarbaker Decimates A Beauty Queen

Plenty of TV siblings had closer relationships than Designing Women Julia and Suzanne Sugarbaker. But just because you like to tear down your sister occasionally doesn't mean anyone else gets to do it, so when some uppity pageant queen denigrates Suzanne, Julia unleashes the beast. We're still hearing the echoes of rage today. — Andrew L

The case for Gail the Goldfish

Adorable Danny Concannon finally figured out a way to win over CJ Cregg early in The West Wing's first season... with Josh's insider info that she loved goldfish. However, he didn't quite get it right. That meet-cute mistake lived on, as Gail appeared in at least 30 more episodes throughout the rest of the series. — Charlesman

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