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Jules Cobb's Yearbook Photo vs. Dean And Castiel's First Meeting

It's a Cougar Town character's past glory vs. the first appearance of the prettiest angel in the garrison!

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Dean And Castiel's First Meeting

211 votes

Jules Cobb's Yearbook Photo

The case for Dean And Castiel's First Meeting

To make a long story short, Dean died and went to Hell, then inexplicably found himself alive again. All he knew was that someone - or something - named Castiel was responsible. When Castiel finally tracked him down, he made a very memorable entrance. (Don't worry, Bobby's okay.) — Jenn Brasler

The case for Jules Cobb's Yearbook Photo

Jules's son was not very cool in high school. But Jules was. In fact she was so cool, in her yearbook there was a picture of her dancing on stage with Bruce Springsteen. — Kel Varnsen

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