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Joey Reads Little Women vs. Dr. Crane's Signature Theme Song

It's another book for the freezer vs. A symphony jingle!

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Joey Reads Little Women

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Dr. Crane's Signature Theme Song

The case for Joey Reads Little Women

Upon finding that Joey keeps his copy of The Shining in the freezer when it gets too scary, Rachel convinces him to read her favorite book, Little Women. It soon becomes the first book that Joey loves that doesn't "star Jack Nicholson"; however, Alcott's depressing classic eventually makes its way to the ice box. — DNice

The case for Dr. Crane's Signature Theme Song

Dr. Frasier Crane embodied many characteristics; amongst them, intelligence, pretention, a love of fine arts, and an uncanny ability to turn a molehill into a mountain. So, what was his response when a station director requested a simple new jingle for the Frasier Crane radio show? Why... an orchestral masterpiece, of course, with a dramatic soliloquy by Niles, and Roz's current beau on triangle duty! — Axlmadonna

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