Jessica Jones Gets A Full Trailer

Plus ITV gets a live Sound Of Music, Showtime gets a game-show model comedy, and Project Runway mounts its penultimate challenge in a very girly Lunch And A Show!

After a bunch of coy teasers, Netflix has finally dropped the full trailer for Jessica Jones in advance of its November 20 premiere date...

...and it looks good, right? I am usually not a fan of superhero stuff, but this protagonist seems pretty cool, and since I always thought Mike Colter was pretty great as Lemond Bishop on The Good Wife, I'm intrigued to see what he does with what looks to be a less murder-y role.

Elsewhere in the world of TV Of Interest To Women: the U.K.'s ITV (home to Downton Abbey, among others) has announced that it's getting on the "live musical TV event" train and mounting a live version of The Sound Of Music for Christmas. Yes, that's this Christmas: the English don't fuck around, apparently, unlike NBC, which announced its December 5, 2013 Sound Of Music event in May of that year. ITV's already cast Kara Tointon (of Mr. Selfridge, apparently) as Fraulein Maria opposite Downton Abbey's Julian Ovenden as Captain Von Trapp, hers might not be the first name you'd think of for the role...?

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Meanwhile, Showtime adds another title to its list of female-fronted sitcoms with the announcement of 36-24-36. Produced by screenwriter Delia Ephron, the '90s-set series will tell the story of a network game show's first black model; Kathleen Bradley, the actual first black Barker's Beauty on The Price Is Right, will consult. Given that show's problematic real-life history, this could be extremely scandalous fun.

Finally, Project Runway had its penultimate challenge of the season last night. With the ladies outnumbering the man in the final four, will it be an all-female finale next week? Sarah tells all.


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