Jerry Lewis Had A Recurring Role On Wiseguy

And it does not make the overall experience of his IMDb page any more coherent.

What the hell?

Wiseguy's second season featured a short arc involving Terranova going undercover in the garment industry; Jerry Lewis's Eli Sternberg runs the father-son business the OCB is trying to keep the mob from destroying. (I think? I've never watched the show.)

Is it me, or is Lewis's IMDb page very weird?

It's not just you; it does not tell a cohesive story. Maudlin TV movies; a turn as Munch's homeless uncle on SVU; He's a legend along a couple of axes, and also an old chauvinist grump, and one more reason we'll never understand the French (hee).

Who cares?

Probably just me, but we just covered an "Ohhhhhndrea gets political" episode of 90210 on Again With This, and then here's Lewis bellowing at someone for being an anti-Semite.

And if you're wondering what ever happened to Ken Wahl: yikes.


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