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Jennifer Lopez Will Star In NBC's 2017 Live Production Of Bye Bye Birdie

This could be wonderful! But also, it might be terrible.

Wait, how did this get started? As it turns out, Jennifer Lopez is a big fan of the musical Bye Bye Birdie. According to Deadline, Jenny From The Block actually brought the idea up to NBC Entertainment Chairman Bob Greenblatt. Supposedly she already does a Bye Bye Birdie number when she performs in Vegas, so hey! One down, what -- five to go?

When did JLo get so buddy-buddy with NBC? She's actually scheduled to help judge a new reality series the network is launching, called World of Dance. So, that's where she probably saw the opportunity.

When will this actually be on air? NBC already has plans for their 2016 holiday show -- that'll be Hairspray, which will air on December 7th. While it won't have JLo, it will have Kristin Chenoweth, Harvey Fierstein, Ariana Grande, Martin Short, and... Billy Eichner? Such a random assortment of talent. Figure Bye Bye Birdie to air around the same time, but in 2017.


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