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Jack Donaghy Does The Jordan Family vs. The Wheel of Fortune Dalmatian

It's the best therapy session ever vs. a prize pooch!

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Jack Donaghy Does The Jordan Family

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The Wheel of Fortune Dalmatian

The case for Jack Donaghy Does The Jordan Family

[The original video was pulled by Hulu after a couple days. Best we have now is this humble link.]

Over the years, Alec Baldwin has pulled out his Tracy Morgan impression a number of times. The best use of this, however, was probably when, as Jack Donaghy on 30 Rock, Alec not only did Tracy (with a bit of "JJ" from "Good Times" mixed in), but also a theoretical father of Tracy (or rather Tracy Jordan) who sounds suspiciously like Redd Foxx, a mother who's worried about the Jordan family welfare check, the "white dude" Tracy's Mom left his Dad for, and their Hispanic neighbor "Mrs. Rodriguez".

It's crass, totally politically incorrect, and... hilarious. — Kromm

The case for The Wheel of Fortune Dalmatian

Let's go to pages 127-128 of Vanna Speaks -- Ms. White's 1987 autobiography -- for the details:

"The contestant who solves the puzzle gets to buy prizes, which range from appliances, furniture, luggage, clothes, jewelry, shoes, artwork, rugs, recreational vehicles, cars, trips -- just about everything you can imagine, including, of course, the show's unofficial mascot, the now famous ceramic dalmation [sic] (for $154), whom I like to call Spot."

Anyone who remembers the tedium of the prize-buying era of Wheel of Fortune will remember this dog. — Mike McComb

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