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It's Getting (Fingerprint-) Dusty In Here

Lunch And A Show bids farewell to CSI. Vote for your favorite tertiary TV techs!

CBS sent us a 15-year highlight video about CSI: Original Flavor to promote its two-hour finale, which airs 27 September. The show got shifted from DVR to hotel-TV status for me back in Bush's first term (H.W. Bush, that is -- ha ha ha) (seriously, though: how many people remember when this show wasn't on?), but it's a warrior of that genre.

I quite enjoy Danson as the jefe of the unit, but man do I miss Petersen...and Robert David Hall as Dr. Robbins is one of the great tertiary procedural characters of all time.

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"Really, Buntsy? Just gonna go have a weekend and make us Google the HoCaine sunglasses supercut for ourselves?" Aw, I'd never leave you that way. YAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH:

Can't get enough Caruso rimshots? Here's an extended ba-dum-bum remix of Caine corn. Better yet, cleanse the ol' palate with the godfather of cold-open wisecracks, Lennie Briscoe, in this Johnny Cash-scored tribute from stickyfingers6.