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Hulu's Got TV's Funniest Workplaces

Nine-to-five goes by a lot faster if you laugh your way through the day with these shows streaming on Hulu!

For most of us, the workplace is the location of most of our weekday activities, the spot where we make money, and the holding pen for ourselves and the people we spend more time with than we do our own families. On sitcoms, the workplace is where personalities come together or clash, hilariously. Here are some employment strategies you may want to try out at your own workplace...or not.

Support every idea, no matter how absurd

Some might say that the western world has been getting along just fine by honoring fathers on Father's Day. But the visionaries at Stevens & Lido on Black-ish aren't prepared to consign male parents to just one Sunday per year. Here, they hash out how to market "Daddy's Day" both here and abroad. Don't worry, Ireland: St. Dadrick's Day has been conceived just for you!

Don't delegate too much

Just because Difficult People's Billy (Billy Eichner) is not the world's most conscientious waiter, that doesn't stop him from having an opinion on how entertainers should do their jobs during live shows. Is it right for a singer to hold out the microphone and urge the audience to take a verse? Maybe not, if Madonna is also prepared to come into the restaurant where Billy works and go to the kitchen for her own tuna melt.

Ask for help when you need it

On Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Amy (Melissa Fumero) has found a way to innovate uniform gear that could increase efficiency, but it's not going to be any use if she can't successfully communicate her idea. Recognizing areas where she might be slightly deficient, Amy reaches out to Gina (Chelsea Peretti) for assistance in this project, which will benefit the whole group!

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