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HOF: 'Not Great, Bob!' vs. HOF: Snake Juice

It's the moment Bob Benson's brown-nosing backfires vs. everybody being wasted!

266 votes

HOF: 'Not Great, Bob!'

383 votes

HOF: Snake Juice

The case for HOF: 'Not Great, Bob!'

Pete Campbell's having a rough year. His wife kicked him out of the house after his whoring and philandering got out of control. No one at the new, merged Sterling Cooper & Partners respects his work or likes him as a person. Oh, and his mother just fell overboard off a cruise ship. Probably thanks to Bob Benson's friend Manolo. Whom she married just beforehand. So yeah, that about covers it, Pete. — @AlecSphere


The case for HOF: Snake Juice

In vino veritas, Pawnee-style. — Bufono

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