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Hildi's Hay Wall vs. Kitten Mittens

It's some WTF from TLC vs. an elegant, comfortable mitten for cats!

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Hildi's Hay Wall

420 votes

Kitten Mittens

The case for Hildi's Hay Wall

If you were a couple on Trading Spaces, you knew the designer tasked with working on your house was a crap shoot. You'd be thrilled if you got Vern, satisfied if you got Laurie, and dejected if you got Hildi. Why? Maybe because she did things like this - covering an entire room's wall with hay. A horse may have loved it, but the couple - along with the entire viewing audience - could only stare in abject horror. — Andrew L

The case for Kitten Mittens

Does your cat make too much noise? "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia" has the stylish, one-size-fits-all solution you need. — Niall

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