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Henry Blake's Death vs. Michael Kors's Orange Spray Tan

It's a shocking on-camera death vs. a Project Runway judge puts the 'tan' back in 'tangerine'!

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Henry Blake's Death

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Michael Kors's Orange Spray Tan

The case for Henry Blake's Death

Thanks to shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, the idea of a popular character's sudden death is almost cliché. But M*A*S*H* became the first show to truly stun their viewers when Radar walked into the operating room to let everyone know that Colonel Blake's plane was shot down as he was heading back to the USA and there were no survivors. You could hear a pin (or a scalpel) drop during the silence. To this day, his death still ranks as one of the saddest moments in television history. — Mark Eyechart

The case for Michael Kors's Orange Spray Tan

Michael Kors's critiques got a little strained and soundbitten the last few seasons of his tenure as a Runway judge, but we miss him and his occasionally sick burns. Of the verbal variety, that is, because a few of his tans from a can went RULL wrong over the years, and made him hard to take seriously when his face matched a prison jumpsuit. He's since figured out that pasty is the new black, thank God. — Sarah D. Bunting

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