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Henry Blake's Death vs. Cutthroat Bitch

It's a shocking on-camera death vs. the doctor who even intimidated House!

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Henry Blake's Death

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Cutthroat Bitch

The case for Henry Blake's Death

Thanks to shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, the idea of a popular character's sudden death is almost cliché. But M*A*S*H* became the first show to truly stun their viewers when Radar walked into the operating room to let everyone know that Colonel Blake's plane was shot down as he was heading back to the USA and there were no survivors. You could hear a pin (or a scalpel) drop during the silence. To this day, his death still ranks as one of the saddest moments in television history. — Mark Eyechart

The case for Cutthroat Bitch

Season 4 of House MD is the one that really divides people. Some consider it the beginning of the end--the season where the show added a whole bunch of extra characters, and started an annual cycle of doubling down on House's self-loathing which eventually totally derailed the show.

But others love the season. In no small amount for the character of Dr. Amber Volakis, aka "Cutthroat Bitch". We first heard of her as "number 24" (House numbered the 40 applicants for his three new Fellowship positions), and he eventually changed her label to "Cutthroat Bitch". It was only later in the season, when we the viewers, and House, learned that she was dating Wilson that we even get to learn her actual name.

Then, in the last two episodes of season 4 it all falls to pieces. House is in a bus crash, injures his head, and spends the entire second to last episode of Season 4 (called "House's Head") puzzling out the identity of who on the bus he knows in his subconscious is dying. And the twist's Cutthroat Bitch. Amber. Who nobody KNEW was on the bus so she's a Jane Doe who was sent to another Hospital.

The subsequent episode, Wilson's Heart, the last of season 4, is arguably, even for people who didn't like the changes initiated by Season four, a banner episode for the show. Hugh Laurie reveals pain, self-hatred and reflection in House which may never have felt more authentic on the show (even while the bulk of it happens in House's imagination). Anne Dudek, as Amber, plays both the most vulnerable, but also most viscously mysterious versions of herself in the same episode. Robert Sean Leonard, as Wilson, shows us the first serious cracks in Wilson's Dr. Nice-Guy as he deals with the events of this episode.

The last few scenes are brutal. Alas, also driven off of easy online access by either broadcaster FOX and/or Universal (the studio which made the show). And there isn't even a decent highlight reel/clip collection of CTB's finest moments on YouTube. So instead we just have to be happy with the trailer for her final episode.

But Cutthroat Bitch, and how she forced House to examine himself (even if he threw that all away and become an even bigger jackass eventually) was arguably House MD at it's best. — Kromm

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