Photo: Bob Ross Inc., Cartoon Network

Happy Little Trees vs. Pizza Steve

It's Bob Ross' uber chill forest vs. Uncle Grandpa's Pizza Pal!

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Happy Little Trees

20 votes

Pizza Steve

The case for Happy Little Trees

There may never be a Bob Ross hanging in the Met. You're never going to see "Yet Another Painting of Mountains and a Forest and a Little Stream" in an art history textbook. Ross wasn't about innovation, he was about inspiration. And being super chill. It's impossible to be stressed or negative while watching The Joy of Painting. Ross radiates a serenity that gets distilled and collected into his landscapes. The most common inhabitant of these landscapes? The Happy Little Tree. — generate789

The case for Pizza Steve

It's not really clear what Uncle Grandpa is. He's SORT of a human... but not really.

But even weirder than Uncle Grandpa are the er... individuals... he surrounds himself with. For example, Pizza Steve. A walking, talking slice of pizza, with pepperoni, sunglasses, a big ego... and apparently no stomach for roller coasters. — 2 Slice Kromm

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