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Happy Little Trees vs. Dr. Benton's Hallway Punch

It's Bob Ross' uber chill forest vs. arguably the most memorable moment of ER's credits!

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Happy Little Trees

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Dr. Benton's Hallway Punch

The case for Happy Little Trees

There may never be a Bob Ross hanging in the Met. You're never going to see "Yet Another Painting of Mountains and a Forest and a Little Stream" in an art history textbook. Ross wasn't about innovation, he was about inspiration. And being super chill. It's impossible to be stressed or negative while watching The Joy of Painting. Ross radiates a serenity that gets distilled and collected into his landscapes. The most common inhabitant of these landscapes? The Happy Little Tree. — generate789

The case for Dr. Benton's Hallway Punch

In ER's first episode, no one else is around to help a patient who is bleeding internally with a ruptured aneurysm, so second-year surgical resident Peter Benton takes matters into his own hands. He succeeds in keeping the patient alive until the chief of surgery shows up and is told he did the right thing by cutting the patient open. He then goes into the hallway and does this martial arts strike that is deemed cool enough to be in ER's opening credits for 8 seasons. — dcalley

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