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Handle Your Lady Business Like The Protagonists Of The Blacklist, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Scandal...Or, Uh, Not

We've got practical coping Do's and Don'ts in Lunch And A Show!

TV heroines are delivering lessons in how to handle your business -- sometimes by showing what NOT to do -- all over today's coverage right here on Previously.TV. Let's review!

Do: Get yourself in scenes opposite Lance Gross, like Nicole Beharie does on Sleepy Hollow. That guy? Not ugly.

Don't: Drink so much you're too out of it to deal with a break-in, like Annalise on How To Get Away With Murder. You think Mark Blankenship liked ranking you in the middle of the pack for the episode?

Do: Show you're a serious Project Runway contender by stepping up your styling game, like Kelly did last night. I've loved her since the premiere so I'm glad she's smoothing out her rough edges (with a deli slicer) (jk ilu Kelly for real).

Don't: Let a shithead like Fitz control you when you're total badasses, Mellie and Olivia of Scandal! Jesus!

Do: Undo bad decisions, even if it's scary, like Rebecca does in the series pilot for Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, a show our Adam Grosswirth really liked despite "[t]hat title. Oof."

Don't: Be as helpless as fugitive Liz on The Blacklist. "It'd be great if she showed some resourcefulness or aptitude every once in a while," says Joanna Yu. Word.

We've also got exciting news from the "Handle Your Lady Business" department: NBC is developing a drama series based on the life of Wendy Davis! The only thing wrong with this news is that Connie Britton can't play her....and neither can a young Dixie Carter.

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