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Grover's Disco ABCs vs. The Best ThreatDown Ever

It's poor disco conditioning vs. the menace of a happiness epidemic!

142 votes

Grover's Disco ABCs

130 votes

The Best ThreatDown Ever

The case for Grover's Disco ABCs

Grover just wants to be Tony Manero. He starts off strong, but perhaps all of the scenes in Saturday Night Fever where Tony does cardio to benefit his boogie were left on the cutting room floor. Regardless, I think Grover should probably have a stress test. — HootieMcBoob

The case for The Best ThreatDown Ever

A particularly unhinged edition of the Colbert Report's weekly run-down of the five things most dangerous to our Nation, ending in the most terrifying alternate universe Stephen Colbert could imagine. — typeface

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