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Get Your Passport Out: It's Time To Return To Shondaland!

Plus: a whole mess of revivals in Lunch And A Show!

Last night was, finally, the night everyone at ABC's been waiting for since...well, May: the return of #TGIT! Shonda Rhimes's three buzzy dramas had their season premieres, and our correspondents were on it! At 8 PM, Grey's Anatomy, and Joe Reid had a lot to be excited about, not least of which was a bigger roles for one of his personal heroines:

CALL THE FIRE DEPARTMENT, HONEY, Debbie Allen is back for another season of Grey's Anatomy.

At 9 PM, Scandal hosted the royal family of "Caledonia" -- definitely NOT Great Britain -- and Kim Reed had some ideas for how the rest of the season should go.

Huck has been living on Liv's sofa while she's been getting busy at the White House. When she comes home after her fight with Fitz, he asks her to fix him so he can go home to his wife and kid. She says she can't. Huck goes to Jake (JAKE!) who agrees to help. I hope Jake assassinates him.

And at 10, How To Get Away With Murder roared back with some brand-new monsters, and Mark Blankenship was all about it:

Hello Eve Rothlow, flinty counselor and former Annalise flame! My favorite thing about their romantic past is how casually it emerges in the story. I'm grateful that, in 2015, we can finally just have a same-sex attraction sail by without a tortured monologue about hiding in the shadows or whatever.

While Rhimes was picking up her stories where they left off, the rest of the TV landscape was littered with revivals. It's hard to get excited about the wet fart that is Heroes Reborn (trust me), but there's lots to intrigue you elsewhere. Netflix is picking up Black Mirror for a twelve-episode season -- that's four times the length of every other season! A Fast & Furious producer is looking to reboot The A-Team! And Jon Hamm is resurrecting Don Don Grouper on Spongebob Squarepants! God bless and keep that man and may he continue never to GAF as long as we both shall live.

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