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Get Ready To Gorge On Thanksgiving TV

It's a real dog's breakfast of marathon-able programming this year.

It's never too early to start planning one's Thanksgiving TV-show marathon calendar! ...Well, it probably is, but I don't care, and in case various streaming-service options aren't acceptable for full-fam viewing -- Jessica Jones is too violent or sexytimes-y to Netflix-and-chill with when Nana's over; The Man In The High Castle will just start arguments with your politically different-minded rels -- the actual television offers a few crowd-pleasing ways to occupy your cousins and/or enjoy a tryptonap.

In alpha order:

  • Blue Bloods on The Channel (that's Ion, for those of you fortunate enough never to have had to make do with Ion and only Ion at a summer-vacay cottage one time)
  • The Feud on the G
  • Homicide Hunter on ID (have you dug Kenda's podcast? it's pretty good for roadtrips)
  • Law & Order: Mothership on Sundance (we built you an L&O drinking game in this here Mini; you are so welcome)
  • Modern Family on USA
  • Mythbusters on Sci
  • The National Dog Show, "live" (not really) on NBC at noon ET and rerun nonstop on NBC Sports starting at 5
  • Sex & The City on Oxygen
  • Spongebob on Nick (please please let them run the Rabid Gary ep; you almost never see that one and it's a shame) (but you can watch a supercut of all the times Fred wails "MY LAIG!" below)

  • Star Trek: TNG on BBC America (...k)
  • ...and whatever the Smithsonian Channel's "it's called 'Thanksgiving,' not 'fucks-giving,' and guess what: we sure don't" junior programmer decides to throw on the air -- seriously, it's everything from a "supervolcano" in Yellowstone to the making of The Monkees to I Was A Jet Set Stewardess to the Hope Diamond

To my despair and yours, the Punkin Chunk got cancelled for the second year in a row, but you can relive past gourd glories with some video from the Science Channel.


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