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Gene Gene The Dancing Machine vs. "Next One's Comin' Faster."

It's The Gong Show's artist-in-residence vs. a Raylan Givens badass moment!

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"Next One's Comin' Faster."

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Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

The case for "Next One's Comin' Faster."

Justified’s Deputy Marshal Raylan Givins provided six seasons worth of badass moments, but perhaps none cooler than his mid-run confrontation with freelance crook Wynn Duffy. The scene perfectly captures the comic frustration, barely-restrained anger and whimsical language that make up so much of the character’s DNA. — Certainly Ken

The case for Gene Gene The Dancing Machine

The Gong Show was organized chaos, but its barely-there premise -- amateur talent tries out for a panel of B-list celebrities, any of which can immediately stop the performance and reject the performer by striking an enormous gong – did not even apply to Gene Gene the Dancing Machine. Gene Gene just came out, danced, and made everyone lose their shit for a few minutes, dancing like fools.

Gene Gene delivered pure joy, each and every time. — Certainly Ken

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