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Gary Busey's Latest Endorsement Offers A Lot For Our Editors To Sink Their Normal-Sized Teeth Into

Sarah and Tara 'FIND GARY BUSEY' a divisive character in his ad for Amazon Fire TV.

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Hello, I'm West Coast Editor Tara Ariano.
Hello, I'm East Coast Editor Sarah D. Bunting.

The Talk

It's been maybe a month since Gary Busey's ad for Amazon Fire TV came out. And while normally it's fair to say that you and I agree frequently enough that our "joke" (not a joke) is that we share a brain...on this matter, our views diverge. Because you love it.
I do. I love it. I am scared of it, as well, of course, because of THE TEETH. But the contented tone in which he greets his own pants makes me happy.
It's not that I don't understand the appeal of talking to things that can't talk back: Dave and I supply both halves of conversations with the dog multiple times a day (and if Gordon could talk, he'd probably let us know how insulting he finds our impression of him). But I am curious about this ad strategy. Who thought the right person to sell this technology was someone who is at least head-injured and maybe also mentally ill?
Oh, I just assumed that that WAS the strategy. "Even a Busey can operate this technology!" I'm not defending it, but our shared cultural sense that this person walks around the house clapping, only to be told hours later that the Clapper is not installed anywhere in his home, is probably what they're counting on.
I guess that makes sense, but the ad makes me so uncomfortable! It's like a horrible Rorschach test: every time I see it, something different pops out at me. Like, the first time, I thought, "They told him, 'It'll be really funny, just pretend you talk to your pants,' and he was like, 'Why is that funny?'" And then the next time it'll be that it really sounds like he thinks he's advertising "Amazon Fart TV."
And again, I don't see a problem. I also enjoy the "YAAAAAY!" sound drop because it reminds me of the one Dave uses on Extra Hot Great (and maybe is the same one?), but I'm assuming you think that's creepy. Which is okay!
I said the exact same thing the first time we saw the ad: his "YAAAAAAY" is identical to the drop from the podcast, which is actually Cheese from Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, a character we are meant to understand is...delayed.
Cheese is my nephew's very favorite character at the moment, but he told me very seriously the other day that "Cheese has problems with thinking," so: yes, and if what you're saying is that it's troubling that Busey's various and sundry...cranio-cerebral setbacks, I guess, are being used to tout the low barrier to tech entry of this product, I really can't argue that point. But I would also note that 1) "pants" is just funny, and 2) the man's got to eat, and it's this or he goes on Celebrity Apprentice again.
I guess you're right. Although the other thing about it that makes me sad is imagining how seldom he actually does find Gary Busey. Cable networks can only show Point Break so much.
Well, that's another rant, and I'm pretty sure we're in agreement on that one. The Point Break Channel, DirecTV. Get the knack.
One last question: are you going to buy an Amazon Fire TV?
No. But I AM going to greet my pants more often.