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Garret Dillahunt May Have Booked A Villain Role On The Walking Dead

Sure, it's still just a rumour...but let's talk stuntcasting anyway!

So here's what happened: a few days ago, Garret Dillahunt made a coy tweet:

And since then, the internet has (maybe) figured out what it means: the prevailing theory is that he's been cast as Negan on The Walking Dead. If you, like me, haven't read the graphic novels, the deal with Negan is, per io9, "Negan walks around with a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire he's named Lucille, but he's definitely got more depth than the Governor ever did. In the comic, Negan is the leader of 'The Saviors,' kind of like a post-apocalyptic mob -- they protect other groups from zombies, but demand payment in return, and groups don't get to refuse. This could be his same deal in the show, or maybe Negan will be part of the Wolves that are currently hassling/murdering people in Alexandria." Even if this turns out not to be true, it feels like it should be: as a double veteran of Deadwood (he played two different roles in the show's first and second seasons), Dillahunt has experience being grubby on TV; he's also currently playing kind of a heel on The Mindy Project. And if you've seen him playing any role ever, you know he's great...100% of the time.

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The (possible) Dillahunt casting news (maybe) caps off a pretty great week in TV villain stuntcasting: we've also just learned that Ken Marino is coming to Agent Carter to play a Mob boss, and Peter Gallagher will appear on New Girl as Schmidt's dad -- okay, not technically a "villain," but given his absentee status in Schmidt's life, not a great guy! (This is an especially cute choice since Max "Schmidt" Greenfield played the young Sandy Cohen, Gallagher's character, on The O.C.)

Last night was also a rich one for stuntcasting, as you may have already seen on this very site!


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