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Fame Costs vs. Eat Up Martha

It's paying in sweat vs. a memo on your Newton!

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Fame Costs

119 votes

Eat Up Martha

The case for Fame Costs

Debbie Allen's iconic anti-pep-talk from the first episode of Fame wound up in the opening credits of every subsequent episode, becoming forever associated with Allen, dance class, and the very word fame. You want it? Well it costs. And right here is where you start paying. In sweat. — Adam "The Equalizer" Grosswirth

The case for Eat Up Martha

Let's say some nerd in your assembly is WAY too keen about mid-semester report cards -- but, since you're in an assembly, you can't beat him up right then and there. What do you do? You take a memo on your Newton: "Beat up Martin."


Little did we know mistakes like this would eventually happen to us about 50 times a day. — Tara Ariano

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