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Fame Costs vs. Doc's Prayer And Swearengen's Mercy

It's paying in sweat vs. the Deadwood 'Death With Dignity' Act!

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Fame Costs

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Doc's Prayer And Swearengen's Mercy

The case for Fame Costs

Debbie Allen's iconic anti-pep-talk from the first episode of Fame wound up in the opening credits of every subsequent episode, becoming forever associated with Allen, dance class, and the very word fame. You want it? Well it costs. And right here is where you start paying. In sweat. — Adam "The Equalizer" Grosswirth

The case for Doc's Prayer And Swearengen's Mercy

Reverend Smith was no doubt the kindest citizen in the ruthless Deadwood streets. He assisted with the smallpox epidemic then personally built 458,974 coffins and performed the funeral services. When a brain tumor caused the good Reverend's mental and physical collapse, it haunts Doc with memories of his torturous experience on the Civil War battlefields and haunts Al with memories of his brother's death. Most of all, we finally got a glimpse into just what this good man had meant to the town and its inhabitants. Brad Dourif crushing my soul begins around 0:50. — Khal D

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