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Fame Costs vs. A Father/Son Fight

It's paying in sweat vs. one of the most realistic TV arguments!

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Fame Costs

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A Father/Son Fight

The case for Fame Costs

Debbie Allen's iconic anti-pep-talk from the first episode of Fame wound up in the opening credits of every subsequent episode, becoming forever associated with Allen, dance class, and the very word fame. You want it? Well it costs. And right here is where you start paying. In sweat. — Adam "The Equalizer" Grosswirth

The case for A Father/Son Fight

In the first episode of Everwood, famous New York surgeon Dr. Andy Brown loses his wife and decides to move his teenage son and young daughter (who have spent limited time with their busy father) to Everwood, Colo.--an especially tough adjustment for Andy's son Ephram. After a difficult day at Ephram's new school, the slow burn of tension that has been building since the loss of Ephram's mother explodes in what is probably the most realistic and heart-wrenching father/son fights I have ever seen on a TV show. The superb acting and raw emotion in this scene are what made me say, "I'm in." — Mrs. Coach

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