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Everyone On Buffy Dies vs. The Train From Silver Spoons

It's an alternate-universe bloodbath vs. some posh transportation!

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Everyone On Buffy Dies

201 votes

The Train From Silver Spoons

The case for Everyone On Buffy Dies

Most shows that offer a spin on It's A Wonderful Life feature a central character learning a valuable lesson about how everyone matters in their own way. When Cordelia wishes that Buffy never moved to Sunnydale, her alternate-universe self ends up murdered by the vampire version of her ex-boyfriend within hours. This incredibly bleak take on the trope culminates in Buffy and Angel leading a doomed charge on the Master's blood factory while Giles tries to reverse the wish; the ensuing battle is one of the best, and most brutal, that the show ever produced. — Niall

The case for The Train From Silver Spoons

Silver Spoons had a very clear premise, befitting an 80s sitcom with a young-skewing audience. But just in case you weren't certain of the set-up, nothing says "eccentric millionaire toy magnate" like a giant train that runs through the living room. — Dave in Chicago

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