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Everyone On Buffy Dies vs. Poussey's NYC Smile

It's an alternate-universe bloodbath vs. a fourth-wall-breaking goodbye!

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Everyone On Buffy Dies

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Poussey's NYC Smile

The case for Everyone On Buffy Dies

Most shows that offer a spin on It's A Wonderful Life feature a central character learning a valuable lesson about how everyone matters in their own way. When Cordelia wishes that Buffy never moved to Sunnydale, her alternate-universe self ends up murdered by the vampire version of her ex-boyfriend within hours. This incredibly bleak take on the trope culminates in Buffy and Angel leading a doomed charge on the Master's blood factory while Giles tries to reverse the wish; the ensuing battle is one of the best, and most brutal, that the show ever produced. — Niall

The case for Poussey's NYC Smile

Spoilers follow

Orange Is The New Black often uses its flashbacks to try to shed light on how the inmates ended up inside - if not by showing their crime, then by illustrating some character flaw or personality trait that would eventually land them in prison.

After Poussey's tragic death, the final episode of the fourth season features the show's first posthumous flashbacks, focusing not on how she got arrested but instead on her joy as she explores New York one surreal, serendipitous night. As the inmates' fury over her murder breaks out into a full-on riot, the season closes with a last, beautiful, bittersweet shot of Poussey turning directly to the audience and smiling. — Niall

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