Empire, Survivor, Carol Burnett, And Jackie Taylor All Invite You To Pick A Fight

Whether you're battling church giggles, a blindside, or looking like an idiot, Lunch And A Show is in your corner.

Everyone's spoiling (not like that) for a fight today in TV Land: Eve's ringside as Lucious takes on Jago on Empire (while Laura fights for her lead-singer spot); Jackie's battling Mel (and morning sickness) in the latest Again With This podcast, although Tara and I aren't sure it counts as a fight if one party can't get a word in edgewise; Jessica watched the Survivors fight to keep control of their balls; Blake fights to look smart on The Voice, and Stephanie is obliged to report that he fails; and Dodds Jr. fights to keep perspective when an SVU kidnapping goes pear-shaped.

And ain't no fighting the eye-rolls occasioned by The Amazing Race's casting gimmick for next season.

Not all fighting is bad, though. I always kind of liked it when The Carol Burnett Show's actors lost the battle to not crackup, and now we can revisit the many snickery breakdowns of Burnett Korman Waggoner LLC on the brand-new TCBS official YouTube channel!

And while that supercut from a couple years ago of SNLers breaking character got yanked by NBC Universal, here's one of the primary offender, Jimmy Fallon, thinking just about everything is "fun":

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