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Elyse Sewell's Epic Rant vs. Daleks Climbing Stairs

It's one fed-up, foul-mouthed model vs. the most terrifying thing in time and space!

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Elyse Sewell's Epic Rant

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Daleks Climbing Stairs

The case for Elyse Sewell's Epic Rant

We've all been there, whether it be because of our coworkers, family members, friends, whoever. We need to vent our frustrations, and sometimes use profanities to express them properly. And on ANTM cycle 1, Elyse had it up to THERE and unleashed a barrage of insults and vulgarities that would never be topped in all the other cycles combined. "You bitches," indeed. — Mark Eyechart

The case for Daleks Climbing Stairs

So in case you haven't heard, Doctor Who's been around for quite a while. And the Daleks have been around for nearly as long, causing generations to make jokes about how utterly impractical these universe-conquering Nazi-analogue killbots on wheels are. And how do you celebrate the 25th anniversary of a show that wouldn't have made it past its original thirteen-episode order without the Daleks? You make one climb the stairs. While your main character is stuck on the very small landing at the top with nowhere to go. Well played, show. — David A. Bindley

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