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Elaine's Christmas Card vs. Nick's Bachelor Pad 3 Win

It's a Yuletide nip slip vs. a well-deserved dick move for the ages!

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Elaine's Christmas Card

168 votes

Nick's Bachelor Pad 3 Win

The case for Elaine's Christmas Card

The holidays are stressful enough without finding out you've accidentally sent out Christmas cards exposing your nipple to everyone from your 11 year old nephew to Nana and Papa. At least Elaine got a groovy nickname out of the deal, and managed to leave George off her Christmas list. — Nutjob

The case for Nick's Bachelor Pad 3 Win

After two previous seasons of the finalists sharing the $250,000 grand prize, someone needed to shake things up in Bachelor Pad 3. Enter Nick, the personal trainer nobody thought twice about, who got stuck with Rachel as a partner and endured countless slings and arrows from her bitchy group of friends. His final act on the show could not, would not, be topped...and so Bachelor Pad shall forevermore be a memory. A great memory. — ClareWalks

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