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Dog Eats Donor Heart vs. Daddy's Boy

It's One Tree Hill's gift to the world vs. the 1938 Harrison von Harrison Jr. musical!

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Dog Eats Donor Heart

350 votes

Daddy's Boy

The case for Dog Eats Donor Heart

One Tree Hill was never a good show. The whole premise was that Dan Scott fathered two children with two different women within weeks of each other. One hated the other because Dan chose to raise him. The chosen son hated the other one because he was Chad Michael Murray. Dan Scott was the villain of the series for his general dickery and oh yeah, murdering his brother. One day Dan needed a heart transplant. And then a dog ate his heart. This really happened. Don't say One Tree Hill never gave you anything. — Gonewiththeschwinn

The case for Daddy's Boy

After one of Kimmy Schmidt's love interests, Logan, spends the "Kimmy's in a Love Triangle" episode describing himself in passing as a "Daddy's Boy," the throwaway jokes come to a head when we get to see this fabulous closing scene from from the musical he's been referencing. — EllieH

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