Dennis Franz, Many Other Names Starred In Short-Lived Bochco Baseball Joint Bay City Blues

Was the problem the dialogue, or Ken Olin trying to hit?

What the hell?

After Hill Street Blues, before Cop Rock, legendary show creator Steven Bochco tried his hand at a baseball drama with Bay City Blues, which followed the lives and loves of a minor-league team. Dig the opening credits, in which one Sharon Stone figures rather prominently.

Have you watched a full episode?

You can find the pilot sort of in pieces around the internet, and I've seen most of it, plus another episode -- and it's everything I've bemoaned in Pitch, but worse, because Bochco never met a hunk of cheese he couldn't add some stink lines to. And...you know. I don't think net execs suffered from the same terror of boring an audience with actual baseballing that they do today, but a given episode was also 5-8 minutes longer back then, and baseball aside, the storytelling is slllllow.

Who cares?

It's a pretty amazing credits cast -- Michele Green, Ken Olin, Mykelti "Mykel T." Williamson, Michael Nouri -- and an excellent Exhibit A as to how hard it is to get the fish/fowl balance right in scripted shows with sports concepts.